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Dizzy Miss Lizzi

A swap with a Spring aroma

Hello everyone ^_^/

how are you all enjoying the start of your week?

I am so excited today as I got a package from Australia, from my dear friend 'Chelle.
We do frequent swaps with each other and  I am always so happy to buy polishes to send her but also to get her lovely packages.

Unfortunatelly on my photos you cannot see the yummy snacks she sent me as darling stole them away on the spot! He's so evil! But you can see all the other lovely contents of the package.

A huge collection of Spring nail polishes that just came out in Australia and also a lovely lipbalm and a Revlon lipgloss.

Here are the nail polishes in more detail

A couple of them were sent from 'Chelle's lovely sister ^_^
Thank you so much to both of you ladies, you have made my week 

I am now at a loss as to which of these beauties I should try first.
Should I do a combined mani with the mood polishes? A super glitter attack layered mani? 
Crackle mix? (although the red crackle is for my mum I'm sure she won't mind me using it once XD)
Ahhhh decisions, decisions... 
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