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Dizzy Miss Lizzi
Thursday, February 28, 2013

Time for a Kawaii giveaway full of Mac nail polishes and Hello Kitty bling

This month has been busy busy busy but I want to close it with a super kawaii giveaway.

All the prizes are unique and super cute!

There will be one winner who will get
* two super rare MAC Hello Kitty nail polishes
* two super cute sheet face masks , one Rilakkuma themed and one Hello Kitty themed
* a cupcake lip gloss
* a rhinestone Hello Kitty case blinged up by Cel's Deconails

The giveaway is open internationally until March 30.
All prizes have been provided by me.
Just follow the instructions below to enter and good luck to everyone ^_^

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Favourite cosmetics brands - Tony Moly

I am starting today a new series of posts where I will talk about some of my favourite cosmetics brands. 10 years ago I was introduced to Asian beauty brands from a dear friend and it was a turning point for me as they have since become my weapon of choice so to speak. They have great variety, awesome application and results, good combination of quality and price and super cute packaging. What's not to love, seriously!

Since this month's theme is kawaii, I had to start with a brand that I consider to be super cute, Tony Moly.

Tony Moly is a fairly new cosmetics brand, founded in South Korea in 2006. They have a great variety of beauty products ranging from skincare to make up and are mostly available in East Asia. But with the help of the internet everyone can get them ^_^

Let's start with the skin care products. Can you guess what the beauties below are?

Certainly not fruits. Let's remove the lids and see what's inside! 
The two apples on the top are from the Appletox series. The green one is a peeling cream and the red one is the honey face cream. These two are my favourite TonyMoly products and part of my current face routine. The face scrub is nice and works like any face scrub you might have tried. Nice smell and good results. The face cream is absolutely fantastic. It has a sticky texture and a divine apple smell. You are supposed to pat it on the skin until it is absorbed and it gives a great fresh feeling of hydration afterwards. I am very pleased with it.

The big peach is an anti-aging mosturizing hand cream. I don't know about the anti-aging part but it is indeed hydrating and has a lovely smell too. And the three little fruits are lip balms. I haven't tried them yet but I can tell you they all smell lovely.

Another product I use a lot (mostly during the summer) is the Pocket Bunny Mist. I have the oily skin version. Also pictured is the Aqua Aura compact with 25 SPF. I picked this up during my recent trip to Hong Kong but I haven't tried it yet. What impressed me though was the fact that it is sold with a free refill.

A field where I feel Tony Moly is an expert, is lip products. I usually don't like lip glosses and lip balms and I find them too sticky and annoying on my lips but all the Tony Moly lip products I have tried don't bother me at all!

I will start with the Tony Moly Fruit Princess lip glosses. The first thing I noticed was the super cute packaging and ok I admit it, that's why I got them XD They all have different fruity smells and give a glossy look to my lips. So a win win product.

My absolute favourite though are the Petite Bunny gloss bars! I adore these! They hydrate my lips and keep them from getting dry in the cold, and the more intense coloured ones give a hint of colour too! I highly recommend them!

If you are looking for something more intense, try the lip stains, conveniently called Tony Tint. They give long lasting colour and are very easy to apply. They remind me of Benefit's Benetint.

Also if you want to try the gradation lips look that is big in Asia right now, these lip stains are perfect! You can also see here the super kawaii Cat's Wink Mascara. I love mascara brushes like this and I use this mostly for everyday looks when I don't want my lashes to be too intense.

Last but definitely not least are the nail polishes. Of course I had to choose all the glitters as I do not care much for ordinary creme polishes. Here is my small Tony Moly nail polish collection.

I swatched them all on a nail wheel, two coats each without top coat.

So what do you think dear readers? Have you ever heard of this brand? Do you own any Tony Moly products? Would you try any of the cosmetics pictured above? Or do you recommend something from this brand that I haven't tried yet? Do share your opinions in the comments ^_^

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Monday, February 4, 2013

February nail inspiration, kawaii characters nail art tutorials

My favourite month, February, is finally here, so of course it has to start with a nail inspiration post ^_^
Also this post marks the start of my first theme month. The theme being kawaii (cute). So this nail inspiration post is full of kawaii nail art tutorials with cute characters that we all know and love.

These tutorials come from the January 2013 issue of Nail Up!
Kawaii characters are huge in Japan as expected and the queen of everything kawaii is none other than Hello Kitty.

Some fun nail art ideas using simple nail art techniques and kawaii decals that are available in Japan. If you cannot find the same you can always see what is available in your area and change the design accordingly ^_^

Other popular characters from the Sanrio family are My Melody and Kiki & Lala (also known as Little Twin Stars)
I adore the Kiki&Lala designs, both are so cute!

Of course when it comes to kawaii characters, we cannot forget about Disney.
Disney characters are as popular as ever and always a great source of inspiration for nail art.

Last but not least, two very famous cute ladies, Betty Boop and Barbie.

Do you like kawaii characters dear readers? Would you wear your nails like this? Which ones are your favourites? Although I am a sucker for everything Hello Kitty to be honest I prefer Kiki&Lala and My Melody. Especially Kuromi, the evil My Melody. But this is a topic for another post I think ^_^
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