Dizzy Miss Lizzi

Dizzy Miss Lizzi
Monday, November 29, 2010

BarryM Indigo

Hello everyone ^_^/

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I spent most of my time doing housework bleh.
But I found time to hang out with my dear friend T. and she agreed once more to be my nail model to try out some new colours. This time we tried out Indigo, one of the latest colours in the BarryM nail polish collection.
Two coats with base coat but no top coat.

The colour is very pretty but we decided to add some glitter to spice it up.
Here is the result after a coat of BarryM Once Upon a Time and a coat of Seche.

What do you think of this combination?
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Holographic skittles mani

Hello everyone ^_^/

yay, finally it's the weekend. I had a horrible week since I had a really bad cold which meant almost no activity for me for days. So today I will share an older manicure, a holographic skittles manicure I did a while ago using nail polishes from the China Glaze Kaleidoscope collection.

These are the colours I used.

From left to right and from little finger to thumb:
Sexagon, Visit me in Prism, How about a Tumble, Octa Gone Wild, Let's do it in 3D

Each was two coats and a coat of Seche on top. I was really impressed as the colour's didn't lose their holo effect at all with the use of topcoat.

Also this post marks my blog's 6 months anniversary. My first post was on May 24th. It seems like ages ago!

Enjoy your weekend everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone living in the US ^____^
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Giveaway update ^_^

Hello everyone ^_^/

I have a quick update about my Festive Giveaway.
There will be a second winner who will win the goodies below.

Color Club Enchanted Holiday mini pack which includes 4 mini polishes and a sheet of Christmas themed nail stickers and a heart shaped Mickey Mouse brooch.

I ordered this set specifically for my giveaway and since it arrived a bit late I decided instead of adding it to the first prize, to double the fun and add a second winner too.

So if you haven't entered already, make sure you join my 400 Followers Festive Giveaway ^___^
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

the Greek files #3

Hello everyone ^_^/

this has been a slow blogging week for me but really fast in everything else.
But today I am back with yet another instalment of the Greek files.
Today I will present a couple of nail polishes from another Greek brand, Seventeen.

I have a shimmer and a creme from the new colours they have added to their collection.

First I have Seventeen 504, a sparkly brown.

And then Seventeen 267, a lovely purple creme.

All swatches are two coats without base or top coat in daylight.
Although I am not too fond of the bottle design this is the only flaw I find in this brand.
They have a fabulous colour selection and the polish is very easy to work with.
I will definitely be swatching more Seventeen colours ^___^
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pink x black punk manicure

Hello everyone ^_^/

Just a quick post today before I head off to bed.
Today's mani was inspired from a couple of tutorials I saw in some of the blogs I follow.
It involves the use of fishnet. If you are the one who posted the tutorial or know who did, please let me know in the comments so I can add a link for everyone to check it out.

So basically what I did was paint my nails with a layer of Claire's funky/fabulous. Then using Sinful Color's Secret Admirer I covered some nails totally with it and for the rest I painted a piece of my fishnet tights that I cut off with the polish and just pressed it on the nails, producing the effect you see. Alas the tights were of course stretchy so it came out a bit messy, but I rather like it after all. Then I added a few black star spangles, topped everything with Seche and here is the finished result.

And with this I will head to bed.
Before I go let me apologise for being a horrible blogger the past couple of weeks. Things are a bit hectic right now but I am hoping to catch up with everyone in the weekend :)
Until then kisses to all of you xxx
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

My 400 Followers Festive Giveaway

*Giveaway now closed*

Hello everyone ^_^/

Finally it is time for me to announce a combined giveaway to celebrate first the fact that my blog has reached 400 followers and second the festive season that is coming soon.

Thank you so much to each and everyone of you for your kindness and support. This blog wouldn't be as fun without you.
★☆。.:*:・"゚★('-^v)Thank you(v^-')★。.:*:・"☆★ 
So first let's see what's up for grabs.
The first winner gets the following
☆Pink rose ring made by Cel's deconails (meaning me) specifically for this giveaway. The size is adjustable.
☆ GOSH 585 Bright Passion (black with glitter)
☆GOSH 536 BonBon (sparkly red)
☆Erre Due 90 (chunky silver glitter)
☆Erre Due 245 (brown with golden glitter)
☆Lee Hatton Golden Effect (gold shimmer)
☆Lee Hatton Crown (brownish shimmer)
☆Seventeen 508 (green shimmer)
☆Isadora Graffiti Nails in Subway Green (green crackle polish)
☆Two sheets of Christmas themed nail stickers
The second winner gets the following

☆ Color Club Enchanted Holiday mini pack
☆Heart shaped Mickey Mouse brooch by Cel's deconails.

Everything was chosen having the Festive Season in mind. I think all of the above colours would work perfectly in Holiday manicures.
And these are the rules:
★You must be a blog follower (GFC or Networked blogs so I can check ^_^. New followers are welcome.)
★You must leave me your email so I can contact you if you win.
The above comprise 1 entry.
If you want extra entries you can
★Post about this giveaway on your blog. Sidebar or blog post anything will do.
★Like my Facebook page (you can find the link on the right or at the contact page)
★Check my handmade items at the shop tab and tell me which one you like best.
So you can have a maximum of 4 entries.
The giveaway is international and will last until December 10, so the winner can receive the goods before Christmas ♪~♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪~♪
After the giveaway is over, I will choose the winner via random.org and notify them by email. If I do not receive a reply within 48 hours I will choose a new winner.
All the giveaway items have been bought by me. 
Please do not leave your entries in the comments as they will not count. Just fill in the form bellow.

Good luck everyone ワーイ\(゚▽゚=))/…\((=゚▽゚)/ワーイ

p.s. feel free to leave your blog address in the comments. I always love discovering new blogs!
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Collection 2000 Wham + CND Amethyst Sparkle

Hello everyone ^_^/

A few days ago I was hanging out with my cousin and she asked me to do a quick mani for her.
As grey is really in this season and she wanted to try a grey mani, this is what I came up with.

A cool grey manicure with purple sparkles.
She got a lot of compliments on the look so here is a quick run down of the process.

After applying base coat, I applied two coats of Collection 2000 in Wham, a lovely creme grey.

Then using Chez-Delaney image plate H3 and a black nail polish from Miss Sporty (which I find perfect for nail stamping) I stamped this image on every nail.

In the end I used a coat of CND's amethyst sparkle and a coat of Seche and voila!

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Models Own haul

Hello everyone (^_^)/

A few days ago I received a fabulous package in the mail and today I will share the contents with you.

I've been wanting some Models Own nail colours for quite some time now so after seeing the fabulous colour selection and great deals on their website I decided to place an order.
My order arrived really fast in a pretty and tidy package.

Some colours were for friends so I will present to you only the colours I got for myself.

From left to right the colours are Orangeade, Foxy Fuschia, Blue Moon, Moody Grey, Pure Purple, Disco Mix and Purple Haze. All swatches are two coats without top coat.

I was very pleased with both the customer service and the nail polish quality and I will definitely be ordering again. Do you have any Models Own products? What is your opinion of them?
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Monday, November 8, 2010

iPhone + Bling = epic win

Hello everyone ^_^/

Recently I got my hands on an iPhone. When it first came out, I have to admit I wasn't really interested.
But after my brother and some friends got theirs, it seemed quite fun and handy so I decided I wanted one too (okay I admit it, it was the games and all the cool aps that got me XD)

So a few weeks ago I became the pleased owner of an iPhone4.
The first thing I had to do was bling it up. Now I have a few cases that I am making for it and most of them are works in progress. Some I will use and some I will sell but the one I am about to show you is the first one I finished and had to use for my phone of course (^_^)

I have a love for cute Hello Kitty stuff, so my first case had to be HK themed. I blinged up this cute case using swarovski crystals in various colours. Also I attached a cute Hangry & Angry fluffy phone strap.
As you can see my phone sparkles so much and I keep getting compliments about it.
I am very pleased with how this case turned out, now I think I need to attach a few more phone straps and it will be perfect ^_^

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Crackle holo manicure of awesomeness and giveaway news

Hello everyone ^_^/

With November here, we are officially less than two months away from Christmas, my favourite time of the year for many many reasons. And today I am super happy and excited as I won Beata's birthday giveaway, over at Tigirlily Konadicures. Thank you so much Beata ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ and everyone, make sure to pop by and check her fabulous blog.

On more giveaway news I have noticed that I passed 400 followers so I am going to prepare a XMasy 400 follower giveaway to celebrate. I am currently deciding on what to include so if you have any suggestions feel free to comment and let me know.

And now let me present to you my mani of the week which started as an experiment and is still going chip free after 6 whole day. Can you tell I am super pleased? v(≧∀≦)v
It is the super sparkly and fabulous crackle holographic mani of awesomeness.

After applying a coat of NfuOh aqua base coat I used China Glaze OMG and BFF from the OMG holographic series. Already my nails were looking fabulous.

But I wanted to try my newly acquired Isadora crackle polishes so I applied a coat of Isadora Graffiti nail top in black tag and a coat of Seche top coat and voila!

Can you see all the pretty colours?
I am very pleased with this manicure. I keep getting compliments and I can't stop looking at it. Also the fact that it lasted so long is definitely an added bonus. 
In the end the experiment was successful. Holos look fabulous with crackle polishes too.

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