Dizzy Miss Lizzi

Dizzy Miss Lizzi
Monday, April 30, 2012

Milani Jewel FX Fuchsia and Lavender

Hello everyone ^_^

today I have two fabulous nail polishes to show you, full of glitter and bling. They are Lavender and Fuchsia from the Milani Jewel FX series. I love the Milani glitters because they are easy to apply and don't need a gazillion of coats to spread the glitter evenly on your nails.

I used a coat my favourite black nail polish as the base (Where's the Soiree by Color Club) and then applied two coats of Lavender or Fuchsia on different fingers.

The two colours work really well together and the black background makes them more vibrant.

With a colour of Seche Vite top coat, my manicure was complete.

What do you think of Milani's Jewel FX? Do you own any glitters from this series?

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

February travels, London

Hello everyone ^_^/

I haven't done a photo post in a while and this one is long overdue. Back in February I had my birthday. One of the presents I received from my darling, was a trip to London. We had a fab time and I've been meaning to post about it since then. So, without further delay, here are a few impressions from our journey.

We stayed at a lovely studio flat near my old neighbourhood. That sure brought back a lof of memories but I was also amazed at how much London has changed in the last few years. Especially with the Olympics right around the corner, you can tell the city is ready to welcome all the athletes and tourists.

We enjoyed a lot of good food, be it Chinese, Mexican, Italian or even traditional British fish and chips.

We did a fair share of shopping too. To be honest I did most of the shopping while poor darling was patiently waiting for me to choose XD

The weather was lovely so we enjoyed walking around during the day
and in the evening too!

Finally here is part of my London haul.

I tried to hold back as much as I could but it was no easy fit, believe me!
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ludurana Supremo, covered with stars

Hello everyone ^_^/

As you might know, I adore holographic nail polishes. And it's been quite some time since I showed you one, so for today, here is Ludurana Supremo, a fantastic lilac holographic nail polish.

I am always on the lookout for new holo shades so as soon as I saw the Ludurana Aurora Boreal series I knew I wanted to try one of the colours. I settled for Supremo as I didn't have a lilac holo in my collection. I applied two coats of the NfuOh Aqua base, which works wonders for holographic nail polishes.

I recently got the new Konad image plates, M84 and M85 from my friend 'Chelle so I wanted to try them out. I decided to use the stars designs as they were super cute. For stamping I used Color Club's Where's the Soiree, a black nail polish that turned out to be perfect for stamping. I carefully sealed everything with Seche Vite and this is the final result.

Do you like this combination? Or do you think stamping reduces the beauty of the nail polish underneath?
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nail polish Easter eggs

Hello everyone ^_^/

this past weekend was Orthodox Easter. One of our Easter customs is dying eggs. Traditionally eggs are dyed red but in recent years more colours are used. This year was the first time I dyed eggs on my own so I decided to go all out and have a blast in the process. I decided to make nail polish Easter eggs!

Wanna know how I did it? Then read on for the tutorial.

First I hard boiled my eggs and let them cool down (it's definitely not fun doing this if your eggs are boiling hot). While waiting for them to cool off I chose my colours and thought of a way to make the eggs stand somehow so I can paint them easier. I found an egg display dish which was perfect for the occasion.

I prepared my workspace by putting kitchen paper on the area I would work on and used a paper palette and a make up sponge I cut into pieces for all the painting.

Using the sponge I painted each egg in a different colour. I chose a variety of spring colours as I wanted each one to be different. I could have even left them like that as they looked super cute already.

But I wanted to play more and spice them up a bit so I used glitter on some. The end result was a success as everyone who saw them was impressed. Also as the eggs became super hard with all the nail polish layers, I managed to break everyone else's egg on Easter night hehehe!

What do you think of this idea? Would you ever try it?
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Colourful spring skittle nails full of roses

Hello everyone ^_^/

today I have a very easy nail art tutorial to share with all of you, with impressive results, if I may say so.
It shall be called colourful spring skittles full of roses.

First here is what you will need

A neutral nail polish as your base. I used Zoya Cho.
Five bright creme colours (one for each finger). I used some of the new Ulta3 spring nail colours that I got from my friend 'Chelle in one of our recent swaps.
A flakie. I used Zoya Chloe.
Flower nail stickers. I used roses in yellow, blue and pink tones.
A sponge.
Tweezers to pick up the stickers.
A top coat to seal everything.

First I painted my nails with the neutral colour. After it was dry I sponged a different colour on each nail.
I waited for the nail polish to dry and then added a coat of Zoya Chloe. I could have stopped here if I wanted, as the result was already to my liking.

But I wanted to spice it up a little bit, so I added a mix of roses on each nail, sealing everything with top coat on the end. Here is the final result.

Fun and easy ^_^

On a side note, some interesting news for my Greek readers. If you would like to win one of my kawaii whipped cream cookie rings, head over to it's all beauty to me to take part in Lady D's competition
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Saturday, April 7, 2012

April nail inspiration, fun nail art with acrylic paint

Hello everyone ^_^/

April is here and Spring is in full bloom. The best time to play with your nails, if you ask me. So here is another nail inspiration post. For this month I will show you some step by step nail designs using acrylic paints and a fine nail art brush, courtesy of the spring edition of Nail Venus. All of them are fun and very easy to do.

So let's start with some stars, a cute cat and a swallow.

Next we have some more gothic designs, including vampire lips and a skeleton.

Back to cute with ribbons and cherries.

And last but not least sweets and flowers.

What do you think of these step by step nail art tutorials? I think they are very easy to follow and the possibilities are endless as you can use any colours you like and even combine some designs on different nails. You can even do a design just on one nail, for a fun accent to a simpler manicure. All the photos are clickable so you can see bigger versions for more detail ^_^

On a sidenote, I have a new scanner. Can you see the improvement in the pictures, or is it just me? XD

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