Dizzy Miss Lizzi

Dizzy Miss Lizzi
Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Peacock Nails follow up

Hello everyone ^_^/

How are you today?
As I was saying yesterday I was itching to Konad my peacock feather nails. So this is what I did.
I used Nubar Star Sparkle on two nails and on the rest Erre Due 197, clear rhinestones and Konad plate m65. Sealed with Seche Vite top coat and this is the end result.

I really like how the silver looks on this but what really amazed me was Star Sparkle. It definitely lives up to its name.

On a sidenote Gatumi is holding a Massive Summer Giveaway where you can win the following goodies

Check it out if you are interested ^_^
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nubar peacock feathers

Hello everyone ^_^/

How are you today? The weather here is getting warmer so I am in the mood for some colours that would be great for the beach too.

So I decided to try Nubar Peacock Feathers.
A classic colour, I had my eye on it for quite some time.
I love how the colour keeps changing from blue to green to purple.

3 layers without topcoat and this is how it looks like.

Now I am itching to konad over this but I am not sure what colour I should use. Silver or maybe purple? Or gold? Any suggestions?
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nail haul and an award

Hello everyone ^_^/

Finally some free time in my hands, yay.
It was a good chance to play around with my blog a bit, so I have a new look.
I think it is much better than the previous one. Still I plan to spice it up a bit more in the future.

But this is not the main reason why I am making this post.

First of all I present to you all the nail haul of doom XD
After reading all your lovely posts my wishlist started growing and growing so I got me some new nail polishes.

Here they are :)


Star Sparkle, Silver Sword, Knight's Armor

Peacock Feathers, Violet Sparkle, Treasure

China Glaze 5 Golden Rings and Cheek to Cheek, Essie Chocolate Kisses

And last but not least

Snowsicle, Diana, Mimi

I have so many plans for these polishes ufufufufu.

And the second point of this post is the stylish blogger award that was given to me by the lovely 'Chelle of Cosmetic Cupcake. Even though my blog is still new, she was kind enough to award it. Thank you so very very much ♥


The rules are: Copy the award above, place it on your blog - link your blog back to me and name five things about yourself! Then pick 5 bloggers you'd like to tag with this same award.

So five things about me

1. I am a shopaholic. There are times that I shop to the death although recently I have cut down a lot thank goodness, because my finances have been suffering all these years.
2. I love learning new languages. So far I can speak English, Italian, German, Japanese and Greek of course but I wish I had the time to study more.
3. I hate housework. And when we say hate, we mean hate. Ironing, launry, you name it, I hate it. But thank goodness my husband is a sweetie and we share the housework between us so I manage somehow.
4. Whenever I get the chance I love to pop on a plane and travel around. My favourite destinations are London and Tokyo but I love discovering new places too.
5. My favourite colour is purple and I am not afraid to show it. Anything purple attracts me in a second. Even my house and most of my clothes and accessories are purple.

And the five lovely stylish bloggers that I want to award this to are the following (they are all equally amazing in no particular order)

Lily Nail
Painted Lady Fingers
Miss Lumpy
Emerald Sparkled

Wow this was one long post.
Have a lovely weekend everyone ♥
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Gatumi Cyberlox Inc. & Cel's deconails joint contest

So as my friend Gatumi and me are into pinup style clothing and make-up lately, we decided to have a small contest.

We will be giving out two awards to the best pin-up inspired looks.

All you have to do is subscribe to our blogs and submit a clear photo of your pin-up girl inspired look/make up (without excessive photoshop)!

This contest will be up until the 1st of August, so we will be taking entries until then.

First place will get a set of pin up style nails by yours truly

And second place will get a fabulous cherry pendant by Gatumi Jewelry with matching earrings.

If you want some inspiration take a look at Gatumi's blog, she has posted a fab pin-up make up tutorial there.
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Bling me up, Scotty!

Hello everyone ^_^/

Wow, this has been a super busy week for me but finally the weekend is here, yay!!!

Today I would like to share a couple more deco creations (can't help myself, I love the bling XD).

Here is a quick bling up I did to my friend Gatumi's mobile phone.

The cute phonestrap is made by her :)

And a couple more things I did this week.

Small deco pillcase

and a photo frame that was a custom order

What's coming up next? A few more deco and nail tutorials and also a small giveaway that Gatumi and me have in the works. Stay tuned :)
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Anna Sui pink glitter with red and white polka dots

Hello everyone ^_^/

Another week, another manicure to share with you.

As I am in the habbit of reading a lot of Japanese nail art magazines I get a lot of inspiration from them. Last week I saw a cute polka dot design that I just had to try.

I used 2 coats of Anna Sui U84 which is a pink glitter as you can see.
Did some white and red polka dots using some nail art pens, added a top coat of Seche Vite and voila, sparkly polka dot nails.

Have a lovely week everyone.
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Friday, June 18, 2010

Holidays on the island - etsy treasury

I am so excited today, my Ocean Blue nails are being featured on a holidays on the island themed treasury on etsy, a list of summery items compiled by Dryw.

Check it out here if you want.

Have a lovely weekend everyone
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Deco tutorial #1

Hello everyone ^_^/

How is your week going?
I hope all is well with everyone.
Here the heatwave is going strong but I am managing somehow.
So today I would like to share a small deco tutorial in 4 steps,
taken from the pages of a Deco&Deco magazine issue that I have bought.

For this tutorial you will need, first of all an item that you want to deco
A glue suitable for deco (I recommend deco-princess)
Big rhinestones (both flatback and non flatback)
Flatback rhinestones

For this example the item that is going to be decorated is a namecard case.
So you follow these basic 4 steps as seen on the image.

1. You start spreading the big rhinestones and the pearls on the top of the case.
2. Make sure you balance them evenly while putting them on the surface.
3. Fill the blanks with small rhinestones.
4. To take it a step further, scatter small rhinestones all over (i.e. on the top of the bigger pearls and rhinestones) and you are done.

I think it is a simple and easy to follow tutorial.
Good luck if you try it out. I would love to see what you come up with.
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Black fishnet on purple nails

Hello everyone ^_^/

It's super hot here today and I just got up as the heat is unbearable. 29C right now and expected to reach 35 by noon *melts*

But anyway, before I melt from the heat, here is a new manicure.
The base I used is a purple polish by Gosh, on top of that black fishnet using Konad m57 and a black polish by miss sporty.

Now excuse me while I go hide in the fridge so I can make it through the day.
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

iPhone deco

Hello everyone ^_^/

Today I want to share one of my projects from last week, iPhone deco.

I did this for my friend, T-chan. As she has a preference for pink, roses and hello kitty, we chose some main pieces first and then decided on a colour scheme. Took me quite some time to finish but she liked the result in the end, yay!

Here she is with the case on her phone.

This was really fun to do, now I want an iPhone too XD

I am planning to post soon some easy to follow deco tutorials for fellow deco lovers so stay tuned *^__^*
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Friday, June 11, 2010

SIlver nails

Hello everyone ^_^/

A few weeks back I bought a new silver colour by Erre Due so I wanted to try it out.

At first after applying two coats I used some PA nail stickers with gemstones.

But as expected they didn't last for more than a couple of days so I decided to keep the silver base and try something different.

After carefully removing the sticker leftovers, I used my konad plates and some black polish and this is what I came up with.

Black sakura :D

I really like how they turned out in the end.
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Deco mania

Hello everyone ^_^/

How was your weekend? I hope it was lovely.
With the start of the new week I would like to talk a bit about deco.

Deco is very popular in Asia mostly and it is a trend of blinging up everything possible, from mobile phones to clothes and accessories. It is one of my favourite pastimes so I am sharing here some of my creations :)

This one is probably my favourite, as I made it for my mother, for mother's day.

A few more designs

And finally this is how I did my mobile phone.

I keep changing the design as I get bored of it.
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Polka Dots

Hello everyone ^_^/

As summer is finally upon us, I am in a cheeky mood and getting more and more into polka dots.

I've been trying all sorts of different polka dot designs so I decided to share some of my results.

Right now I have a black x silver polka dot design on my nails and this is how I did it.

I used the following products.

Black "Goth" polish and the silver from the foil series by Orly, China Glaze base and top coats, a dot brush and for the finish OPI fast dry spray (I am saved by this product because usually I keep ruining my manicures by randomly touching my nails here and there).

After applying the base coat I painted my nails to look like this.

Waited for them to dry a bit and then using the dot brush I did the polka dots(if you don't have one, a toothpick will produce the same effect ^_^).

Waited a bit for the dots to dry too and then applied top coat and used the spray too. This is the final result.

I also did the same design on my friend's nails, using pastel colours (mint and pink) by H&M and Anna Sui and this is how it came out.

So the design works well with all sorts of colour combinations and it is very simple to do as well.

Next week I am gonna try more styles so stay tuned ^_^
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