Dizzy Miss Lizzi

Dizzy Miss Lizzi
Friday, May 31, 2013

My latest creative endeavours

About a month ago I took part in a spring bazaar to showcase my Cel's Deconails jewelry and decoden creations. It was a fun weekend full of new experiences and meetings with good friends old and new.

The bazaar was all about spring flowers so I showcased jewellery and accessories to match the theme.

I always enjoy taking part in such events and meeting other people with similar interests ^_^

If you like my work you can always find more Cel's Deconails creations at etsy and storenvy.

Along with me was a fellow crafty bitches member, Debris jewelry. We shared a booth so we could support each other if needed.

Here are some of the other stalls at the bazaar. It was the weekend before Orthodox Easter so there were a lot of candles available.

Do you attend bazaars and craft fairs dear readers? Do you like crafting and buying handmade goods? Let me know in the comments.

Stay tuned as I have a birthday celebration coming up (as my blog and etsy store just turned 3 years old) plus I have some exciting news to share ^_^ In the meantime have a great weekend!
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

My recent manis, glitter and holographic nails

Since my posting has become quite sporadic lately I realised I haven't posted my manicures for quite some time. So here are some of my favourite manis of the last few months. Most of them are holographic or glitter nails as expected ^_^

More pictures and details under the cut.

Starting with my nails of last week I am wearing Australis Speck-tacular (a beautiful flakie that I got from my dear 'Chelle) over black.

Blue glitter nails using Revlon Radiant and Sally Hansen Showgirl Chic (got these as Christmas gifts from Smugnificent and Moni)

China Glaze is one of my favourite nail polish brands. Here I am wearing Razzle me Dazzle me over black.

A few weeks ago I took part in a spring bazaar (post about this coming soon) so I did rose themed nail art to match the occasion. My base is China Glaze Watermelon Rind and I also used Glitter Effect in pink by Erre Due.

Holographic nails using Estessimo TiNS Bon Bon Savon and Seductive Amethyst.

Holographic skittle nails using HITS no Olimpo nail polishes.

And last but not least, cupcake themed nails using Nails Inc sprinkles special effects in Topping Lane (pink) and Pudding Lane (blue).

Do you own any of these dear readers? What are you wearing on your nails as we speak?
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Thursday, May 9, 2013

May nail inspiration, Japanese nail art and decoden

If you read this blog frequently, you must know by now that I love Japanese nail art and decoden. So for this month's nail inspiration how about combining the two? Here is nail art inspired by deco items
The images are from Nail Max Collections.

Handpainted decoden phone case and matching nails. So cute and yummy!!!

Or if you wish, you can match your nails to your favourite deco photo frame.

Airbrush nail art and matching chopsticks. So pretty!!!

Here are a few more ideas. Match your nails to your accessories, your perfume bottle, your camera or even your champagne bottle!

When it comes to deco and nail art, the only limit is your imagination. There are so many different methods, techniques and products that you can use that the possibilities are endless.

What do you think of this idea dear readers? Do you find it inspiring or too much?

For the record I am stating again that these images are from Nail Max Collections and are just scanned by me. You can click on each image to see a bigger version.
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