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Dizzy Miss Lizzi
Saturday, March 31, 2012

Anna Sui #210, a beautiful purple

Hello everyone ^_^/

you might remember back in September I mentioned the new Anna Sui nail polish bottle design. Since then I have been dying to get my hands on a few of these lovelies. Recently, with the help of a couple dear friends, my wish was realised. Now I have a small Anna Sui dress bottle army, yay!

Here is a better look at all the colours. The bottles look gorgeous and as expected of Anna Sui all the colours are very interesting and quite unique.

Of course I had to try the purple one that I got from my friend Moni, first.
It is Anna Sui nail color N #210. A beautiful royal purple that applied perfectly after two coats. I used a coat of Anna Sui top coat for quick drying and to preserve the lovely rose smell. When I first saw the bottle design, I was wondering if it would be easy to handle but this was not an issue at all.

Purple is one of my favourite colours and this nail polish did not disappoint me. Perfect coverage with two coats and with the help of the top coat it lasted for quite a while. I had this on for 4 days before changing it and had no tip wear at all.

Have you tried any Anna Sui nail polishes dear readers? Which one is your favourite? Do you like the new bottle design?
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yay, I finally have my Feb giveaway winner ^_^

Hello everyone ^_^/

Let me start by saying thank you so much to everyone who took part in this giveaway :)
It took me a while to verify all the entries but finally I have the winner!
It's Tina from Excited, look what I did. Congratulations Tina *^_^*

I have already notified the winner. If I get no reply within two days, I will pick another winner.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Taking part in a jewellery exhibition for the first time

Hello everyone ^_^/

this is a post I have been meaning to make for a while now. Finally I find the time to write it :)
As you might remember from a while back, in December I took part in a jewellery exhibition for the first time. It was a great experience for me as it was the first time I got to show my work in public.

The artists who live in my hometown are very well organised and every year they make various exhibitions showcasing their arts and crafts. So before Christmas they decided on a jewellery exhibition. As soon as the date was set, I started brainstorming and working, using up all my free time.

My workshop was a constant mess XD

The exhibition was opening on December 15 and lasted for a week. A day before the opening we all gathered to set everything up. I decided to showcase a fair mix of jewellery and deco items. Decoden is basically unknown in Greece and it was the first time people saw this kind of thing. Everyone was very excited and impressed by all the bling ^_^

Here is how I set up the jewellery I made.

I snapped a few photos during the opening. It was very crowded so I waited for closing time because it would be impossible to take decent photos in the crowd. This was my little corner in the room.

And here are a couple more shots so you can see what else was on display. Apart from jewellery many artists showcased other types of accessories and even some decorations and furniture. I was particularly impressed by a really cool lamp that was made of wood and clay (you can see it in the middle of the second photo below).

Finally, although you do not get to see my face often in this blog, here is a bonus shot of me XD

All in all I have to say this was a fantastic experience. I have been to many exhibitions of this kind before but I have never taken part. I was very happy and pleased because our exhibition was greeted enthusiastically by the local community and we had great success. Hopefully we will repeat this next year ^_^

Have you ever taken part in an exhibition like this? Do you like attending such events?

In the meantime you can see some of my creations here or here.
Also if you liked the jewellery I make, you can enter my ongoing giveaway for a chance to win a nail polish ring of your liking along with other prizes. Hurry up as it is open for just a couple more days.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Swapping with friends is always fun!

Hello everyone ^_^/

You know that happy feeling when you get a package in the post. It is very exciting when it is nail mail. But what makes it even more special is when the package is from a dear friend. During the last couple of months I received packages from two very special friends of mine so today I want to show you what was inside ^_^

Just a bit after the holidays I received a Happy New Year package from my dear friend 'Chelle. I have met her through her blog Cosmetic Cupcake and I can say she is now one of my dearest friends both in the blogging world and outside of it. So you can tell I am always happy to receive anything from her ^_^

The package was filled with amazing goodies, from snacks to nail polishes and cosmetics.

I decided to try the Face of Australia nail polish in Iron Ore first, with a layer of OPI Pink Shatter over it.

Iron Ore is part of the Face of Australia Molten Metallics collection. It's a beautiful black metallic colour and it worked really well with Pink Shatter.

Just in time for my birthday I received a package from another dear friend of mine, Moni from Beauty Oshaberi. We have so many things in common including our love for kawaii and Anna Sui and you can see that in the package contents ^_^

So many lovely nail polishes and brands I have never tried before and she even fulfilled my wish for the new Anna Sui nail polishes in the dress bottles. *does happy dance* I have already tried some of these beauties in a mani I did for my birthday trip to London (blog post about that coming soon).

And finally as soon as I returned from my trip, I found another package from 'Chelle, for my birthday. It was so sweet of her to remember me <3

As you can see the package was full of spring colours and unique nail polshes plus so many cute goodies including a bow for my iphone (which I am using already ^_^).

Do you like doing swaps? If you want to see the other end of the swaps with my dear friends, make sure to check their fabulous blogs too. If you would like to swap with me, just drop me an email :)
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

the Greek files #11, Seventeen flakies galore

Hello everyone ^_^/

I cannot believe I haven't done a Greek files post since November. Shame on me. But this epic post will make up for it. Here is a preview of what is to follow!

So during one of my recent shopping trips, while browsing around for new colours, I discovered that Seventeen has released 3 lovely flakies.

(you can see them on the top shelf in the middle)
Of course I had to get them and try them out. They are shades 103 (a golden flakie), 104 (a blueish flakie) and 105 (a greenish flakies). I also picked up 539, a multichrome that reminds me of Hard Candy's Beetle.

Here they are swatched on a nail wheel over black. One coat of each over one coat of black nail polish. No top coat. From left to right, 539, 105, 104, 103

I must say that I am impressed. Seventeen have been keeping up with almost every trend as of late. Crackles, multichromes, flakies and some fantastic glitters. I am hoping they do some magnetics soon too.

So after testing these lovely flakies on the nail wheel, I wanted to wear a mani with them. After much thought I decided to try 105 as it was the most unique of the three. It shifts between green and blue as you can see below.

First I painted my nails black. Then I added a coat of Seventeen 105. After it was dry I painted the tips of some nails with pink glitter (Color Club Candy Cane) and on the rest I used some super cute skull nail decals I got from 'Chelle during one of our swaps. Topped everything with Seche Vite and this was the end result.

If you liked these nail polishes you can enter my ongoing giveaway for a chance to win all three flakies (amongst other goods).

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Monday, March 5, 2012

March nail inspiration, time for some spring colour!

Hello everyone ^_^/

March is here and although the weather is quite cold still we can say that spring is here. So this month's nail inspiration will have a spring theme. This time I present to you some nail ideas from ES Nail, a well known nail salon from Tokyo. Recently they published a catalogue full of pretty nail art ideas.

These pretty flower themed nails are on the cover.

This look is not hard to achieve. You just paint a half moon mani using the colours of your choice and then you either paint the flowers or use some flower nail stickers. Finally a touch of glitter and some bullions and you're done.

Here are a few more ideas for fun yet easy srping manicures.

First a classic french spiced up with a few rhinestones.

Polka dots. Here in red and white as pin up looks are very in this spring but you can basically use any colour combination you like.

And last but not least here is a simple method for a marble mani (not requiring water or making a mess of your  fingers).

I hope you liked these easy to follow tutorials. Let me know if you try them out :)
If you want to check out my previous nail inspiration posts you can find them here.
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