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the Greek files #11, Seventeen flakies galore

Hello everyone ^_^/

I cannot believe I haven't done a Greek files post since November. Shame on me. But this epic post will make up for it. Here is a preview of what is to follow!

So during one of my recent shopping trips, while browsing around for new colours, I discovered that Seventeen has released 3 lovely flakies.

(you can see them on the top shelf in the middle)
Of course I had to get them and try them out. They are shades 103 (a golden flakie), 104 (a blueish flakie) and 105 (a greenish flakies). I also picked up 539, a multichrome that reminds me of Hard Candy's Beetle.

Here they are swatched on a nail wheel over black. One coat of each over one coat of black nail polish. No top coat. From left to right, 539, 105, 104, 103

I must say that I am impressed. Seventeen have been keeping up with almost every trend as of late. Crackles, multichromes, flakies and some fantastic glitters. I am hoping they do some magnetics soon too.

So after testing these lovely flakies on the nail wheel, I wanted to wear a mani with them. After much thought I decided to try 105 as it was the most unique of the three. It shifts between green and blue as you can see below.

First I painted my nails black. Then I added a coat of Seventeen 105. After it was dry I painted the tips of some nails with pink glitter (Color Club Candy Cane) and on the rest I used some super cute skull nail decals I got from 'Chelle during one of our swaps. Topped everything with Seche Vite and this was the end result.

If you liked these nail polishes you can enter my ongoing giveaway for a chance to win all three flakies (amongst other goods).

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