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April nail inspiration, fun nail art with acrylic paint

Hello everyone ^_^/

April is here and Spring is in full bloom. The best time to play with your nails, if you ask me. So here is another nail inspiration post. For this month I will show you some step by step nail designs using acrylic paints and a fine nail art brush, courtesy of the spring edition of Nail Venus. All of them are fun and very easy to do.

So let's start with some stars, a cute cat and a swallow.

Next we have some more gothic designs, including vampire lips and a skeleton.

Back to cute with ribbons and cherries.

And last but not least sweets and flowers.

What do you think of these step by step nail art tutorials? I think they are very easy to follow and the possibilities are endless as you can use any colours you like and even combine some designs on different nails. You can even do a design just on one nail, for a fun accent to a simpler manicure. All the photos are clickable so you can see bigger versions for more detail ^_^

On a sidenote, I have a new scanner. Can you see the improvement in the pictures, or is it just me? XD

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