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Dizzy Miss Lizzi

Orly in my city? Yay!!!

Hello everyone ^_^/

Just a few days ago, I was enjoying a nightly stroll around town and came across something totally unexpected. What was it you may ask and how does it relate to this post here?

Well, it was this!

An Orly Birds Of a Feather collection display! You can imagine my surprise, as I had no idea this brand was available in my city ^_^

So of course I had to go when the store was open and check out the selection!
I was not disappointed as they had the whole collection available, yay!

Having all these lovely colours, it was quite hard for me to decide on just a few but in the end I picked up 4 nail polishes.

From left to right, Liquid Vinyl, Night Owl, Lucky Duck and of course Fowl Play. They had other brands available but I decided to focus on Orly.
The owner was very nice and we chatted for a while about nails and stuff so my trip was double the fun.
I already have Fowl Play on my nails but that will be the subject for another post.

And for my Greek readers.
Αν μένετε στην Θεσσαλονίκη και σας ενδιαφέρει, το μαγαζί λέγεται Hair Play και βρίσκεται Β.Όλγας 166.

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