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Nail Inspiration: how my nail craze started!

Hello everyone!

It's Monday and a new week has started (and tomorrow a new month and season, yay!!!)
So today I have something a little bit different. I got this idea off Tumblr where I see a lot of people making inspiration posts. So from time to time I will do the same in this little blog ^__^

My first inspiration post is dedicated to the person who is the reason why I started painting my nails in the first place. This person is none other than my mother!
Ever since I was a little kid, my mum was always very elegant and she always had well groomed and painted nails. Back then there wasn't a huge variety of colours so her nails were always painted red. I would always admire her long nails and wish I could grow up fast so I could paint my nails too!

When I was 15 I stole one of her burdgundy red nail polishes and never looked back XD

Now that I am all grown up we go nail shopping together and I do her nails quite often.
But she is quite the nail artist herself. Her favourite shades are browns and golds (the exact opposite with me lol) but she loves to experiment with many colours! She likes to try a lot of different brands too but her favourites are definitely Anna Sui and BarryM.

You want proof? Here are some of her own manicures!

I bet you can tell she is a huge glitter fan too!
As you can see we have the same nail shape! I guess I am used to seeing her nails in this shape for so long that it feels natural to me to have mine in the same style!
I always love her manicures, and many times she comes up with creative ideas that I love to steal hehehe
All the above photos are taken by her as she was very excited when I told her I wanted to make a post about her nails. So yep, these are my mum's manis for ya!

Who is your nail inspiration? How did you start painting your nails?
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