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Nail Polish Swap

Uwa, uwa, hello everyone ^_^/

I am so happy today. I just had my first polish swap with the lovely 'Chelle from Cosmetic Cupcake.

When I got her parcel yesterday, I was at work and even my darling got so excited as we were unpacking everything (he even attacked half of the sweets that were in it, without me even getting a chance to look at them XD).

So this post is dedicated to Michelle with a huge thank you.
I loved everything so very very very much and I will swatch everything soon.
For now here are some pics of the goodies ^_^

As you can see apart from all the awesome nail polishes and sweets, she also sent me a balm that I am gonna try asap and also 3 nail stamp plates (including the awesome Hello Kitty one that I wanted for so long, how did she know? uwaaaaaaaaa - please excuse me being so hyper, I can't help myself) and a pretty postcard.

Here are some more detailed shots of the polishes.

The left one is actually purple but it came out blue in the photo.

If you ask me which colour I like best, I really will be in a bind as I can totally not decide. I love each and every one of them and I am already thinking of manicure ideas for all of them.

Now I hope that my parcel will reach her soon too.
Until then, dearest 'Chelle thank you so much once again.
Big hugs and love to you and to everyone who has managed to read this super flaily post.
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