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My Austrian beauty haul

Hello everyone ^_^/

are you enjoying the weekend?
We are having fabulous weather today and even though I was working almost all day today I am determined to enjoy the rest of my weekend to the max!

In this post I will share my Austrian beauty haul as I like to call it. I managed to get my hands on brands we do not have here like Catrice and S-he and fulfill quite a few lemmings in the process.

I am warning you, this is going to be one looooooong post!
Here is a break down of the items.

I will start with L'Occitane, which is one of my favourite brands as of late. I am always very pleased with their products and I want to slowly try the whole range. I got a hand cream pack, a lavender body lotion and soap and my favourite face cream with apple and almond extracts (works wonders on my face). It was a pleasant surprise when I was given a Pivoine Flora shower cream and Paeonia beauty milk as a present. I haven't tried them yet but hey both smell fantastic!

I of course had to pop by a Claire's, as it is always one of my favourite places to shop and we don't have one in my city yet! I got a Hello Kitty nail art set, consisting of two nail polishes, some nail stickers and a glitter, 4 nail polishes (3 glitters and a duochrome) and a glitter eye palette. I am an absolute glitter addict and not afraid to say it hehehe!

Next up is Essence. We do have this brand here too but unfortunately we seldom get any of the nail art goods or special collections so I had to stock up. On the above picture, from left to right, I have gathered some special effect toppers (Mystic Mermaid, Hello Holo, It's Purplicious, Circus Confetti), 3 glitters from the Nail Art Twins series (Blair, Edward, Troy) and a Top Coat that claims it's better than gel nails.

The rest of the nail polishes, from left to right, are I Like, Bloom-A-Loom, Forget me Not from the blossom series, three stampy polishes in black, silver and white, the much coveted duochromes Where's the Party? and Out of My Mind, three magnetic polishes (Mystic Wish!, Miracle Shine!, Hex Hex!) and Roy's Red from the Whoom! Boooom!! collection.

Some more nail art goods including the new stamping plates, plus an eyeshadow duo and a lipgloss.

American Apparel nail polishes in Berry, Dynasty and Hassid, a Manhattan glitter top coat and a burgundy S-he nail polish with copper glitter in it.

And last but not least my new shiny Catrice babies. From left to right they are Forget Me Not!, Dirty Berry!, Purplelized, I Wear my Sunglasses at Night, Mermaiden and Wrapped Around My Finger. I've been wanting these for so long, I almost squealed when I saw them ^___^

What do you think of this haul? My darling was making fun at me for picking up so many polishes but I am very happy none the less ^_^
Now my problem is, which one should I try next?

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