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Purikura on your iphone! Charuca Purikura

Hello everyone ^_^/

Today I want to talk about one of my favourite things. Purikura!
Purikura (プリクラ) is a Japanese word from the term print club and it refers to photo booths where you can take photos and then cutify them using included effects on the machine. Super kawaii, no?

Here is an example taken a few years ago, while travelling in Japan with one of my best friends ^_^

As you can see, it's a lot of fun and the possibilities are endless! Unfortunatelly for those of us living outside of Japan, decent Purikura machines are almost impossible to find.

But with smartphones, this problem is easily solved. As an avid iPhone user myself, I am always checking out all the Purikura apps. So I was very excited to receive a very interesting email a few days ago.

It was from a company called Blokwise and they provided information for a new iPhone app they have developed called Charuca Purikura.

Here is what they have to say about it:

Blokwise, the digital innovation producer, releases “Charuca Purikura” on the App Store. An app developed with the famous visual producer Charuca.

After waiting so much, It’s time to raise the curtain!
We present to you Charuca Purikura, an incredible app that allows you to decorate your photos with the cutest images from the Charuca collections. It’s a free download and brings a gift pack with a Kawaii collection.

You can charukize your Facebook photos downloading them into the app. Also it has the option to choose an image from the device gallery or take a new picture with the cam.

The pictures can be customized adding Frames, Stamps, Speeches and drawing with the Freehand Mode. Has a micro-purchases system that allows you to access all the collections: Kawaii, Toxic, Baby and Gothic. You can see the items of each collection and if you like it, you can buy it in a easy way.

And that’s not all! When you finish to charukize your picture, you can share it with your friends on Facebook, send it by e-mail, or save it in your device.

Is really fantastic, super cute and with the best japanese style.
It will be available for iPhone and iPod.

Explore your creativity and go to charukize your photos!

For more info visit: www.blokwise.com/purikura/

Of course I downloaded the app to check it out as it sounded very interesting. Downloading the app is free and it comes with one collection of stamps, frames and speech bubbles. If you want to download the extra collections, you can by them inside the app. It is very easy to use and you can go back and forth making any changes you want on the photo. Here is a charukized photo of B-chan, my dog ^_^

Isn't the end result adorable? For the record I want to state that I am in no way affiliated with Blokwise. I got the informative email from them and as I like kawaii purikura, I found it interesting so I am sharing it with you, dear readers. 

On a sidenote, you might notice there is a new kawaii tag in the blog. Kawaii means cute in Japanese and it is a whole concept in Japan and a huge part of Japanese pop culture. I decided to make such posts from time to time, sharing my kawaii finds with you all. What do you think, would you find such posts interesting?

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