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Dizzy Miss Lizzi

Music and glitters, all in one post!

Hello everyone ^_^

Tonight's post is full of two of my favourite things, glitter and music!!! How do these two combine? They don't! But still here they are. Let's start with the glitters, which as you can imagine, are on my nails. I just got the new China Glaze Prismatic Chroma Glitters and of course I had to wear them asap!

 I used Snazzle by Ulta3 as a base and then on my index and ring finger I am wearing Full Spectrum and on my thumb (that you cannot see here XD), middle and pinky finger I am wearing Prism. Full Spectrum is pink and Prism is purple so they work really well together. I loved all the colours from the collection but these two were my favourites. I used two coats of each over the silver nail polish and then some top coat. I am loving them on my nails, they really come alive especially under sunlight.

Next time I think I will try them over pink and purple creme nail polishes. I bet they're gonna look fab ^_^

And now for the musical part of this post. Quite some time ago I was given the I love Music and I love your Blog award by the lovely Tina of All the Vanity. Thank you Tina and I am sorry that I was so late in posting this.

So I now have to list my 5 favourite songs. Which is no easy task, as I am a huge music fan. But after much thinking here are the 5 most important songs to me. I won't tag anyone with this but if you want to do it, I would love to see what your 5 favourite songs are. Here I go with my list.

#1 is Wasted Years by Iron Maiden. This was the first song I was ever hooked to, when I was just a little girl. It shaped my future taste in music quite a bit.

#2 Enchantment by Paradise Lost. Paradise Lost are one of my favourite bands up to this day and this is one of the most beautiful songs they have ever written.

#3 Spirit by Dead Can Dance. I love their music more than words can say. Such gifted artists they are and I can't wait to see them live again in September ^_^

#4 Vanilla by Gackt. This was a really hard choice. I adore Gackt and he is such a gifted and multidimensional artist. I decided to show you his fun and quirky side (okay and his sexy abs too, can you blame me?).

#5 Osaka Romanesque by Kanjani8. All my friends know how much I adore Kanjani8. A sworn Eighter I am and proud of it too. Osaka Romanesque is the song that brings tears to my eyes every time. Which is why I wanted to share it with you all and close this post with it too. Thank you for reading this far :)

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